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June 20 2018

Fly Fishers Inc - Ne

Fly Fishers Inc - New Zealand's Online Fly Fishing Magazine

June 19 2018

Winter Steelheading

Winter Steelheading

June 18 2018

Fly Fishing - Starti

Fly Fishing - Starting from scratch, she has been teaching herself how to fly fish by reading books, watching Youtube videos, and practicing knot-tying on the bus to work. Claire

June 15 2018

June 14 2018

Riffe Catalog Shoot

Riffe Catalog Shoot | Salt Life | Flickr

Mega Marlin

Mega Marlin

June 12 2018

June 09 2018

The Taimen - The Mon

The Taimen - The Mongolian Terror Trout

June 07 2018

Stillwater Bruiser /

Stillwater Bruiser /

May 28 2018



May 27 2018

Chimney Smoke

Chimney Smoke

May 25 2018

May 19 2018

May 01 2018

Crazy how one little

Crazy how one little fish can boost your mood & get you stoked all over…

April 30 2018

A school of fish und

A school of fish under a boat

Anglers in a cobia c

Anglers in a cobia contest surprised with capture of 700-pound mako shark off Destin, Florida.

Eight year old Andre

Eight year old Andrew Quinn from Michigan broke the Alabama King Mackerel Record yesterday with his 68.3 lb trophy pictured below. Andrew was fishing with Capt. Billy Neff and Kelly Collins on the Fish Trap out of Zeke's Landing. The previous record was held by Michael Kirchler out of Mobile, AL. Michael's King weighed 67 lbs, 15 oz. and was caught on April 9, — with Zeke's Landing in Orange Beach, Alabama.
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